Friday, November 21, 2008

The Freedom to Fail

As a first generation immigrant, refugee at that, I was taught that the greatest thing about America was that we had the freedom to try and if we failed, we could try again. I know that some of my parent's friends who came at the same era couldn't make it. Most did, but a few went back to Europe where the country would subsidize their housing and intervene in their daily lives. Most were older, widowed and we understood if the concept of "America" was too hard.

Maybe America is only for the young and the brave who value freedom more than security. For the old men who remember a simpler time. Maybe America is only for those who value life and liberty and have enough rational selfishness to understand how to pursue happiness, and are willing to die to protect it. America wasn't just a place, a country, a land that stretches beyond what you can see or traverse in a lifetime. America was a hope, an ideal, a city on a hill.

My father spent his youth as a Dutch POW in Japan. From the age of 19 to 24 he survived the trials of war in a prison camp. There was a democracy in the camp among prisoners and a pecking order. There was hard work, hunger, sickness and death at the hands of a people he barely knew. He became enamored with the American soldiers there. Some were his age, away from home and knew even less about the enemy than he did. He often feared for them more than for himself, for he thought they were naive, arrogant and brazen sometimes. They had a courage and a hope and a sense of freedom that walls of prison couldn't take away from them.

I'm convinced that what my father witnessed in those young American POW's might have been a naivete of men who only knew freedom, who didn't cower to authority, who knew the strength and resolve of their military. Maybe that naivete is why we don't really see how much is being chipped away and eroding from the hillside. Americans have moved from the country and the cities to suburbia. I can still see the patchwork quilt when I visit small towns, and I believe it's still the majority of America, but somewhere in the malls and metropolis, in television and movies, music and culture there is a grayness that's unbecoming. It's the pallor of death I think. The way death slowly creeps from the extremities to the soul. A coldness that's removed from the real heart and soul of America.

I don't know when it started. Maybe it was the war and how little America gave back to their soldiers. I've only known Vietnam, really and I think the crime of the war was television, and what the protesters did to our veterans. When protesters like William Ayers, Jane Fonda, Tom Hayden and their like are raised above soldiers who gave them those freedoms, then where is the solidarity and pride in freedom and justice. When public opinion matters more than doing what's right, when we allow domestic terrorists in the name of protest, ignorance or cowardice to have a voice in politics, education and our culture, then what is America become?

I know that we have over 300 million people in the US and over 200 million are over the age of 18 and could be eligible to vote. Only 61% did. I want to appeal to the 40% who didn't vote. The rational, the reasonable, the citizens both natural and naturalized who didn't vote. I believe they are part of the backbone of America. They are the independent souls who never asked the government for anything, who expect only freedom and don't complain about their situation. They are working hard and raising their families, happy to be free and never look to the government for anything. They may not have joined protests or movements, they just want to be left alone. The folks in rural towns and communities who don't need the media or polls to tell them how to vote or think or justify new rights from wrongs. I'm sure if you are reading this, you know many of those people.

They won't join a movement, they won't attend a rally. They might be like Joe Wurzelbacher, who was minding his own business when a candidate came to his neighborhood. I see Joe as the John Doe of Meet John Doe from the 1941 Gary Cooper film. He does speak for every man and I do know so many who like Joe, have a little of that naivete that my father saw in Americans. Joe too is a veteran. Joe assumed that he was free, that his country was worth fighting for, and that no one could take that freedom from him, not really. He knew by instinct that Americans don't spread their wealth. Any American can be wealthy if you work hard and work smart. It's in every American's grasp, isn't it?

Well, Joe, Dad, look what they're trying to do to our song. A group of radical and liberal professors, activists, community organizers, civil rights peddlers have started to eat away at the fabric of this great land. They teach entitlement instead of self reliance; they create mandates instead of charity and teaching common sense; they kill their unborn and toss away their young. They believe that a good job, health care and a living wage is a right, not a responsibility. These are men, not without reason, but without merit. It's a plague that will spread if it's not contained. America won't fail by force or by reason, but by a failure to act. We have a right to fail in America, but we have no right to let America fail. I owe it to my dad, we owe it to our fathers, we owe it to the soldiers and their sons and widows.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Don't Blame Homebuyers and Homeowners!!

In reflection on the events of last week; the election; the government bailouts; and my own employers announcement that to remain fiscally responsible they too will have to consider a reduction in workforce as part of an overall plan for 2009. I understood over a year ago that we were in a recession, but with credit rates lower than savings rates it's hard for 'regular Joes' to see the danger. The fact is our government has failed us. It is their job to protect individual rights from violation by force or fraud. Many American's who are facing foreclosure were defrauded, and now that they have woken up and walked away from what I think should have been 'illegal' loan terms, they are being blamed as the deadbeats who didn't make their mortgage payments on time.

I understand the rationale of that because most people who have average credit scores buy a home for 20% down over a 30 year fixed rate and don't understand what's been happening over the last decade. I've been in real estate about 5 years now, and it was clear that things were different from when I bought my first house, almost 35 years ago. Loan instruments were being created and marketed to home buyers, home owners and investors at a frenzy. These weren't mortgages. The lender never had any intention of lending you money to buy a home, ala the Bailey or Potter model. These were instruments being created in the minds of pirates and thieves who had every intention of wrapping them in with real mortgages and bundling them as 'financial instruments'. They were duping both the home buyer and the investment banks. [The loan market itself is interesting and I'll post about that another time.] Let me share this quote from By Yaron Brook and Don Watkins of the Ayn Rand center, who believe it is absolutely false to blame capitalism for today's economic troubles.

"The causes are complex, but the driving force is clearly government intervention: the Fed keeping interest rates below the rate of inflation, [as well as the rate on savings], thus encouraging people to borrow and providing the impetus for a housing bubble; the Community Reinvestment Act, which forces banks to lend money to low-income and poor-credit households; the creation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac with government-guaranteed debt leading to artificially low mortgage rates and the illusion that the financial instruments created by bundling them are low risk; government-licensed rating agencies, which gave AAA ratings to mortgage-backed securities, creating a false sense of confidence; deposit insurance and the “too big to fail” doctrine, whose bailout promises have created huge distortions in incentives and risk-taking throughout the financial system; and so on."

I can't agree more with the sentiments of these gentlemen. I know first hand as a Realtor in a booming community in southern California that there were a ton of people making money along the way. Not even Realtors or loan officers could stay on top of all the different lending products. Was anyone responsible, other than the geniuses and their lawyers who created these loan products? I say, yes. The government is in place to protect individuals from theft and fraud, and these instruments were exactly that. Adjustable rate mortgages have been around a long time, but have you ever heard of rates adjusting for absolutely NO REASON!!! save the greed of the note holder? Check your Credit Card contracts and you'll see what these new homeowners had to deal with. They wrote home loans that could adjust the way your credit card adjusts. They get to change the deal whenever they feel like it, and when borrowers realized what was happening, they either defaulted or were forced out of their homes. We've seen mortgage payments go from 2K to 4K over 2 years. I don't really know who could have anticipated that type of aggressive acceleration on any kind of home loan.

The crisis occurred because they weren't able to steal any more equity from defaulting homeowners. Do you really think that if the real estate market hadn't begun to drop in value that the banks would be crying right now. If they can force a foreclosure on balance due of 150K and sell at auction for 200K we wouldn't have a crisis. In fact all of last year they were doing just that. This year that same 150K note is only worth 75K and now they are crying foul. Shame on them.

Wake up America and do what you know in your gut is right. Get your own house in order, save more, spend less and pay down your debt. Guess what will happen, the economy will still go into recession...deep, deep recession. The bailout can't work because it assumes everyone wants to maintain the status quo. We don't. We're done. The government and wall street should take a lesson from the American people and get off the credit kick. It's my hope that prices will drop so low, you'll be able to buy that home or car or business for just the right price. Credit is how they defraud us....and all we need to do is stop playing the game.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Will the Supreme Court Defend the Constitution

Will We Soon Be Facing the Death of America

Under the United States Constitution a candidate must meet three basic requirements to be eligible to be POTUS. Barack Hussein Obama failed to prove his eligibility on one of the tree requirements. This failure on BO places America in the gravest danger since 1776. The idea Obama has been elected to POTUS without first establishing his eligibility to be so is an affront to the American people.

Obama glibly participates in the procedural process to assume the role of the POTUS with all the confidence of a man who has no doubt he will take the oath of office with out challenge. President Bush and all involved with the process casually mirror Obama’s attitude. Every one involved with this farce acts as if there are ‘no millions of people’ intensely questioning Obama’s citizenship. They totally ignore the probability of Barry’s most ruthless violation of America’s sacred document is being perpetrated as they so casually welcome the Obama’s to the White House. Is it possible BO is the supreme imposter?

A large cloud of contradictions, rumors and theories have been swarming about Obama’s place of birth, his actual citizenship be it dual or American. The theories are running wild as to who truly sired Obama. Through it all the only response the public ever got from Obama is a proven forged document claiming he was born in Hawaii and the GREAT SILENCE. THE GREAT SILENCE didn’t end with Obama. MSM and hundreds of others who conspired in keeping this vital information out of MSM.

What about the two law suits sitting in USSC right now challenging Obama’s eligibility to be POTUS? What about the one law suit in Hawaii by Andy Martin? To this date Obama has not produced one acceptable document to prove where he was born. He has also failed to produce any other vital document about himself. Obama has never been held accountable for his refusal to produce required documents. Does he know something we don’t? Is he certain nothing will come of the many law suits against him? Since when does popularity excuse accountability?

Is it possible he greatest conspiracy ever enacted against America has happened before America’s blind eyes. The conspirators are Obama, the Democratic Party, MSM, 64,000,000 million voters and potentially the USSC. Had this controversial cloud been loudly proclaimed to the voter’s months ago—as it should have been—would Obama really have gotten 64,000,000 votes?

In between fact and fiction about Obama’s actual place of birth, his father, and his dual citizenship, is compelling evidence that he was not born in Hawaii and he is not an American citizen, and therefore is not eligible to be POTUS. API has written about a man covertly brought in to the UK from Kenya, November 9, 2008. This man has risked his life obtaining documents that allegedly prove beyond a shadow of a doubt Obama was born in Kenya. This issue and only this issue is why it is the duty of the Supreme Court and possibly the USDOJ to have the courage to establish beyond a shadow of a doubt the reality and facts regarding Barack Hussein Mohamed Obama Barry Sotoero. This means under no circumstances must the judges be allowed to distort, convolute, manipulate, contort or in any other manner ignore facts prove Obama is not eligible to be POTUS either because of place of birth, dual citizenship, or other vital facts. Under no circumstances must they find a way to legitimize, or validate Obama’s right to be President if he fails to prove his citizenship.

The argument that 64,000,000 Americans voted for him is moot because if it is so proven Obama is not eligible, then he ran fraudulently and all who voted for him voted fraudulently. I am sorry for those voters who were so cruelly deceived by Obama.

This is the single most important issue America and the world is facing. This issue is greater than the economic crisis, world wars, or energy crisis. Now America is facing its last showdown between the American public and the USSC. If Obama is not eligible and the day the Supreme Court fails to acknowledge that fact, is the day the world discovers the Supreme Court became a coconspirator in the same guilty conspiracy. (This is perhaps, what Obama knows, America is not yet ready to believe or accept.) This day will end of all hope for justice in the world. By so failing to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, America’s death will have been declared. Hence forward the American people will be at the mercy of lawless politicians. This is the final betrayal of America by the people we trusted. America, no matter how unpopular at times and in some countries, will no longer be the hope and inspiration of the world. Oh shame, shame. Pisper shame!

API is organizing a protest march to be held on November 29, 2008. If it were possible for me to be there to join the march, I would. Maybe we could have a sympathy march here in California. It is my hope this march will compel MSM to give this issue the exposure necessary so the public may be aware there may a usurper in office. For more information go to

THE MARCH WILL START AT CAPITAL HILL AND WILL END OUTSIDE THE SUPREME COURT! We will come back with more information on THE ROUTE OF THE MARCH. This is a very important march. Do not fail to join or help inform others if you are PATRIOTIC AND LOVE YOUR COUNTRY AND ABLE TO PUT THE COUNTRY FIRST.


by Therese Daniels

Monday, November 3, 2008

The night before election 2008

My favorite quote this cycle has to be from Lawrence Eagleburger on the Huckabee show. He referred to Obama as a charlatan. Amen Mr. Secretary. Between the 'vote twice' acorn and get out the vote fiasco as well as the dubious campaign contributions which are conveniently untraceable...this would be such a black spot on our democracy if he's allowed to get away with this. It's too convenient to think that the ONE had no hand in the stealing of an election. We'll just pray that the people of America wake up and vote against the ONE who would taint our country with such shenanigans.

Must SEE links:

New support for the ONE came from the most likely sources of course:
Venezuelan president voices support for Obama at a ceremony to inaugurate the construction of the Barinas international airport in his hometown of Sabaneta, 520 km southwest of Caracas.

"We don't ask him (Obama) to be a revolutionary, but to adapt himself to what is happening, to peace," Chavez said that a lifting of the U.S. economic embargo on Cuba and a withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq, could be a good beginning in case Obama wins the elections.

"The United States has everything to be a world power," Chavez said, but it should never infringe on the sovereignty of poor countries.

I wonder if the Obama campaign will embrace this endorsement as validation of his foreign policy.

As secretary Eagleburger lamented if Obama is elected..."God help us"