Monday, November 3, 2008

The night before election 2008

My favorite quote this cycle has to be from Lawrence Eagleburger on the Huckabee show. He referred to Obama as a charlatan. Amen Mr. Secretary. Between the 'vote twice' acorn and get out the vote fiasco as well as the dubious campaign contributions which are conveniently untraceable...this would be such a black spot on our democracy if he's allowed to get away with this. It's too convenient to think that the ONE had no hand in the stealing of an election. We'll just pray that the people of America wake up and vote against the ONE who would taint our country with such shenanigans.

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New support for the ONE came from the most likely sources of course:
Venezuelan president voices support for Obama at a ceremony to inaugurate the construction of the Barinas international airport in his hometown of Sabaneta, 520 km southwest of Caracas.

"We don't ask him (Obama) to be a revolutionary, but to adapt himself to what is happening, to peace," Chavez said that a lifting of the U.S. economic embargo on Cuba and a withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq, could be a good beginning in case Obama wins the elections.

"The United States has everything to be a world power," Chavez said, but it should never infringe on the sovereignty of poor countries.

I wonder if the Obama campaign will embrace this endorsement as validation of his foreign policy.

As secretary Eagleburger lamented if Obama is elected..."God help us"

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