Sunday, October 19, 2008

Economics 101

According to Webster, E`co*nom"ics\, n. 1. The science of household affairs, or of domestic management. Keep this in mind the next time you hear newscasters and politicians discussing our ‘National Economy’. Let’s face it, we, as a nation, as a culture have been busted. We are a selfish, give it to me now, society that is now lost between entitlements and easy credit. Well, if you’re like me you already know the answer to our problems! I think it’s showing at the retail stores, the gas pumps and in the stock market.

It’s funny how no one wants you to change your ways. They want to keep giving you incentives, ‘stimulus checks’ and advice on how to not change your habits….to keep on spending and keep on charging, but congratulations, you already know the answer.

Our economy in the hands of the people who have benefited from trading securities based on our credit and spending habits is messed up and in my opinion, should fail. Like Joe the Plumber, when you hear something that’s not quite right, something that goes against the core of your beliefs, you ought to just pass. Well, we need to take a step back and do an inventory of our core beliefs right now. Let Americans be American, let the free market be a free market and we’ll be just fine.

My rebellious streak wants the government and banks to feel the pain though, along with the rest of us, so I’m going to continue the message of LESS CREDIT, LESS SPENDING, MORE WORK, MORE SAVING. I think it will drive em nuts. I’m going to rent til prices drop, keep my old car running, become a coupon diva and stop buying retail. I may even stop buying new…I think that could work on many levels. My new mantra…how little can we live on.

For some visionaries, and my parents and grandparents, this isn’t new of course. This is what we were taught, what they lived, and what we’ve somehow forgotten. Well it’s time to get real with ourselves and our own economies. Take a look at what debt free guru Dave Ramsey says on how NOT to buy a car, then join me in the junkycarclub, I’ll honk if I see your sticker!



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