Saturday, October 18, 2008

We can trust Joe's core instincts

Well, the Media Machine has attempted to attack the man most likely to help McCain win the election. Obama let it slip, while answering a plumber's question, that he wanted to 'spread the wealth'. He did so on Bill O'Reilly also, but it didn't get the media attention that poor Joe is getting. Remember the O'Reilly quip where he used the analogy of the waitress and being 'neighborly'! What NObama fails to get is, the wealthy in America do just fine paying more on our indexed tax system, and with charitable giving. We don't need the government to level the playing field.

Now when NObama talks about INCREASING THE MIDDLE CLASS we know he means by taking a few extra thousand from Joe and giving it to the waitress. AAAAARGGGGGHHHHHH! Why do people not react like JOE. It goes against the core of our American value system of rewards for hard work. If you work as a waitress for minimum wage and tips you get a wage that you may or may not be able to live on, tips that they tax whether you received them or not and Joe works 10 and 12 hour days as an independent for a small plumbing firm and hopes to provide MORE for his family. If he gets his plumbing license and successfully takes over his firm, or starts his own plumbing company with a couple of like minded buddies... will he be penalized just to help the waitress keep up? By the way, I hate that tax on tips...that's just un American too. A tip is a tip. And I hate minimum wage...that's like SSI, a slap in the face. There would be a lot more jobs out there for nominal tasks if the government stopped trying to intervene with the free market system.

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