Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Common Sense

If there's one thing that Audacity lacks, it's common sense. Who schedules a photo op of a jetliner escorted by fighter jets over Manhattan, post 9/11? Who keeps floundering banks and companies afloat with money borrowed from taxpayers who are facing foreclosure and layoffs themselves? Who starts a policy investigation on torture when you still have soldiers in harms way? Who passes massive new entitlement programs during the beginning of a depression? Who refuses to answer basic questions of identity, eligibility, college and service background when running for the highest office in the land? What have we, the People gained by the TARP and stimulus money being spent? What have we, the People gained by investing public money into GM and Chrysler? Shares have dropped 93% of it's value, brands and plants are discontinued, layoffs are happening, and they may still file for bankruptcy and not pay any of it back. What kind of idiot economists are supporting this? How can we undermine the current intelligence agencies or focus security forces on policy skeptics?

Won't it be fun to watch how Merrill Lynch, BofA and treasury conspired to defraud the shareholders and the taxpayers by misrepresenting values and transaction details?

What is wrong with these people, that they aren't accountable to anyone? This unholy alliance between the banks, wall street, unions, fringe left groups and elected officials has got to STOP!! This is criminal, fraudulent behavior, and it's being perpetrated by those who've been given our trust. This has to be investigated, criminal charges need to be filed, and they need to be put out of office!

Had we been more protective of the free market, there would be no talk of bailouts. So, really... what's the worst thing that could happen if we would have let the banks fail? People would be losing money; international banks would be hurt; foreign countries would be angry at us. Did $700B stop any of that? Wait, which people lost money? Were they protecting a specific GROUP of people? Didn't George Soros say this was great for him personally? Who else has benefited? Let's follow the money in and out of the war chests of our elected officials. I would like some heads to roll.


Anthony said...

Better yet, just ignore them and they'll go away.

AskMieke said...

Yes, along with your 'slowdown', I'm going Galt. I have several ventures that help offset my tax liability, so my goal is zero liability, even if I have to change schedule C ventures every few years.

I would rather spend my money on a failing business attempt to zero out my liability then to pay taxes today.