Sunday, January 25, 2009

The closing of Gitmo - how to lose the war on terror

Mr. Barry Soetoro AKA Barrack Hussein Obama has signed an executive order to close the Guantanamo POW camp and to restrict treatment of prisoners to the Army field manual. (I hate when people with no military background, think they know better than the military commanders) In my personal life, I always judge a man by whether I'd be willing to follow him into battle or not. Can I trust him to make the decisions necessary to win the battle, survive, and protect those he's in command of? We're in deep trouble if you think even his supporters would blindly follow this man into battle. Let's make a list, supporters first!!

I don't remember WWII first hand, but my father spent the war in a Japanese POW camp, my mother in an Indonesian Internment camp and I've met with Japanese families in California who spent the war in Internment camps. I'm not pro-war, or prison for civilians, but I know that all of it was necessary for America to win the war!! My parents and the Japanese families who experienced internment during the war, know that as unfair as it was, it was part of the nature of war.

Do we now think that war is fought only by soldiers in uniform... and with guns? When did America get sooooooo stupid? (I think it's too much influence from the organization that needs to be disbanded). What precedence is there for that kind of strategy? I just saw a YOUTUBE video of Cynthia McKinney as she SLAMS Israeli Navy, screaming foul about being rammed and stopped by an Israeli patrol boat for trying to bring aid to the enemies of Israel. She called it "humanitarian aid"... and wants Obama to immediately look into the humanitarian needs of the Palestinians...citing MLK quote that America is the root of these problems around the world. Shouldn't she have been shot for aiding and abedding the enemy of Israel? Wouldn't that have been justified in WWII... a war we finally won?

War is won and lost in the hearts and minds of a people. When their fight is no longer worth it, they will give it up. When the cost is too high!!!! Isn't that why we lost in Vietnam? Because of the television coverage of the war, the American people learned first hand the cost of war, and they protested to end the war...even if it meant defeat. Even if we lost face. Americans think that losing face is a 'silly, outdated and chauvinist' pretense of bravado that isn't worth considering in civilized society. Well...when it matters to your enemies, it needs to matter to you. When they see your weak actions, it gives them the courage and morale to think they can win. Ask any athlete or soldier.

Americans can be soooo naive it won't last through the new warfare tactics of our enemies. We don't have a problem, "losing face". We don't care if the world thinks we are too cowardly or humane to actually stay in battle to victory. If they can't win the war on the battleground, they can win the war in the hearts and minds of Americans who cry over collateral damage; In the US courts, which give their soldiers more rights than Sharia Law would; in the United Nations where every little dictator gets to break bread and spout deceit with real world leaders.

You may yet see Sharia Law in the midst of our war with mideastern cultures because war on terror is already a cop out. We should be comfortable to say that we are at war with Afghanistan and Iraq and when we weed out the terrorists harbored there, we may be able to provide the same aid and support to those countries that we did with Iran and Germany after WWII... but anything short of that is too soft to win. We didn't set up internment camps, but should have. We can start with mid-eastern males between the ages of 18 and 29. Will it turn them all against us, or will it weed out the chaff from the wheat? Consider for a moment Mosab Hassan Yousef. He was the son of a Hamas leader and detained by the Israeli's in a camp reserved for Hamas. He saw first hand the coercion and brutality of Hamas against their own. He's now a Christian, living in Newport Beach.

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Anthony said...

Does it burn you up that Reagan apologized for the US Government's role in the concentration camps during WWII? Would you have followed Reagan into battle?