Thursday, January 15, 2009

Peace in the holy land

I'm convinced that we will never see peace in the holy land until either Muslims’ convert to Christianity on their own, or Christ comes to ensure it. I've been listening to Aljazeera radio in English via their website. I wanted more detailed information from a source closer to the situation. Between their newscasts and British press you can get a sense of what is going on in the Gaza strip.

The world condemns Israel, not because they are wrong, but because they have the means and the resolve to protect themselves. It doesn't seem to matter how hateful the Palestinians are toward the Israeli people, or that the rocket fire has not yet ceased, there seems to be pressure from all over the world that Israel should be more tempered in their response.

Consider Oceanside, CA. Let's just say that Republicans in Oceanside started hurling rocket fire, randomly into San Diego, and it's outlying suburbs. They aren't very powerful rockets and not all citizens of Oceanside are republican. However, they were disappointed in the election results, they don't think they have enough representation in the state or federal system and they have vowed to not rest until San Diego is wiped off the face of the map.

The republicans in Oceanside don't speak a different language or dialect. They live amongst democrats and at the schools or grocery stores, you can't tell what political party they embrace. But every night, from their homes or local schools or churches, Republicans are firing rockets into the midst of San Diego.

Does the government have a right to invade Oceanside, until the rocket fire stops? Do the 'innocent citizens' of Oceanside have a responsibility to help flush out these republicans? Can you think of one reason why they wouldn't? Would they just cry into the camera over the unnecessary hostilities of San Diego and Camp Pendelton against their fair city...?? For this reason, I don't believe there are innocent civilians in Gaza. Are they organizing and reporting rocket movement by republicans? Are they giving up positions and intelligence? Are they resisting the republican influence in the city?


Anthony said...

You aren't saying that Hamas just woke up one day and decided to fire rockets into Israel because they were disappointing about something, right?

Hamas is a terrorist organization and I make no excuse for them, but to ignore their rationale is like ingoing the motive in a murder investigation.

It has bearing and should not be ignored.

AskMieke said...

Well, there's been a lull since June.. but like any multi-generational 'fued'...only conversion to sanity will end this.

I think their rationale is the destruction of Israel...the Jews first and then the Christians, in that order. They might be lulled for longer of Israel moved to Florida, but it would still only be a lull.

What rationale are you thinking?

Anthony said...

Now maybe I'm naïve or misinformed, but I think the rationale that is most relevant is the racial apartheid happening in Israel.

I think the "multi-generational feud" aspect is one side of the spectrum. We should be careful of swinging too far in either direction.

So on one side, we have "disappointed about something" and on the other we have "multi-generational feud."

Either side of the spectrum just glosses over the real rationale, in my opinion.

"The hate us because we're free" is pretty much the same as "multi-generational feud."

Please understand I do not think responding to racial apartheid with violence is acceptable. But ignoring it is also unacceptable.

Marcie said...

Hi Grandma's Knee,
I too am a Grandma. From one Grandma to another.
I think what Isreal did in defending itself by invading Gaza was appropriate and reasonable. I think they have a right to go in and make sure the tunnels will not bring in more weapons.
I am thankful the Lord has blessed the Jews at this time in world history and I believe Isaiah Chapter 62, and Zechariah Chapter 12 are being fulfilled as we watch.
Our job now is to
Pray without ceasing,
Watch world events and
Trust that the Lord has a Plan,
The Bible. Amen.
Grandma Marcie