Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Take Back Our Children

It was very hard for me to watch the President's address last night. It's never really what he says that worries me, it's what he really means that shows through.

An increase in the Federal standardization of our children's education is not what we need right now. Pouring more federal money and mandates into our educational system be it through grants or civil service or any way you cut it...we need to be afraid and we need to take a stand. We currently have the state as the biggest partner in public school, but the Feds want a bigger influence.

Charles Stickley wrote, "Ever wonder why many Americans react to important information with a blank stare? If psychopolitics succeeds in its mission throughout the Capitalistic nations of the world, there will never be an atomic war, for our enemy will have SUBJUGATED ALL OF HER ENEMIES. Communism has already spread across one sixth of the inhabited world . Marxist Doctrines have already penetrated the remainder . An extension of the Communist social order is everywhere victorious . The spread of Communism has never been by force of battle, but by conquest OF THE MIND. IN PSYCHOPOLITICS WE HAVE REFINED THIS CONQUEST TO ITS LAST DEGREE."

Parents are barely hanging on to any control as witnessed in last years California case against a home school. Parents almost lost their right to teach their own children, if they didn't have the "appropriate teaching credentials." The price of those credentials is teachers who no longer teach facts, but behavior modification. The drop out rate of our high school youth isn't a reflection of poor parenting, it's a reflection that the SYSTEM isn't doing enough. Our young people still have a sense of survival and freedom at their core. By 16 they realize that they may not be one of the handful of new college freshman being produced by the SYSTEM. Either they already know what they want and prefer to pursue their education elsewhere, or they don't know what they want, but aren't challenged enough or encouraged enough in the SYSTEM to find it.

It was clear from last nights address that "Dropping out of school will no longer be an option". That the Feds want control "from cradle to the start of their career." Does that mean there will be reform in our schools to re-engage those not tracked for college, or will they take those "rejects; the incorrigible; the trouble makers; the lazy; the washouts" and put them into public service? The new civil soldiers. How will they stop these children from finding their own path? They've already labeled them as failures because they couldn't conform to the core of the SYSTEM. They weren't willing to become "standardized", pegged and put on track for more of the same.

I propose that these "drop outs" are not failures. The Public School system has only one product K-12, and that's to create a handful of college freshman for future indoctrination. These young people who have other interests are the future innovators; plumbers; electricians; artists; CEOs and patriots. Will some of them use those talents in gangs...absolutely. But a majority will take that self-reliance; determination; resiliency and intuition and they be fine. But what have we done to those that we didn't squash? We wasted their time and tried to break their spirit.

Governor Jindal was able to create emergency legislation due to Hurricane Katrina that allowed the school funding to assist faith based and private schools who were picking up the slack when the Public School system in New Orleans was failing. As Rahm Emmanuel so clearly states..."let's not waste a good crisis". While our public schools are struggling with state and federal mandates, and not enough money to implement those mandates...this is a great opportunity to regain control of our children and their school funds.

If we can enact similar legislation that allows 60% - 75% of the money currently allocated by ADA for each student, and allow the money to follow the child; directed and managed by the parents; regardless of the religious affiliation; regardless of the grade by grade standardization policies; regardless of the accreditation of the campus or instructors, then we can save our children and the future of America. They take our money, but the money does NOT follow the children. The money goes directly to the institutions that comply or propagate the anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-family dogma of the far left. We need to stop that.

We need to REFORM the educational system and take back our children.

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