Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thy Kingdom Come

Father, God...have mercy on us. You were with her at the signing of the declaration of Independence. You whispered to her founders and stood by them as they crafted the pillars that built this great nation. You called the weary, the tired and the poor to her shores to build her up as a beacon on a hill. You gave hope to the world through her bravery, generosity and even naivety. We have forsaken you. Like the prodigal son, we have stripped all that was good and prostituted ourselves with our greed and carnality. We've been in lukewarm water for over 30 years and the heat is getting turned up.

I listened to a sermon online that my brother recommended.

Although it was mostly bad news...

I should preface this with the fact that, no where in scripture, when you study the time before Christs return will you recognize a super power that could be America. This bothered me as a teenager, but not as much as I believed it might play out just as the bible foretold. I believe we are at the beginning of that time now. I know what you are thinking, but these weren't only my observations.

7 things that will happen... so that you might believe the prodigal son.

1. there will be no economic recovery. We have traded an economic system that worked --- for one that never has. We have traded freedom for something else.... All of the answers coming from govt. are insane... there is a reason why communist and socialist regimes have fences around them.
2. we will see a time of extreme need and want like we've never seen before
the hedges that protected America are trampled down.
the insanity of Al Gore - environmental terror talk with no regard for our sin against the creator
more natural disasters will come
3. Breaches of our national security - nations will come against us
4. Internal conflict - a very divided nation .... greater than the civil war.
5. a total desertion of or departure from one's religion, principles, party, cause
6. REVIVAL ------ greater opportunity to come to Christ
7. RAPTURE ------ evacuation

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