Thursday, February 12, 2009

We're Toast

It's obvious that there is NO difference between the Parties. This gal has been blowing the whistle for 40 years. We've sold out our children and now our country. These aren't NEW videos...I can't imagine what she thinks about our new Administration.

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As a Christian, it was easy to stay responsible for my own kids education even though they were in the public school system. I attended CHEA conferences and knew that my husband and I were responsible to train up our kids. It didn't bother me that they had no real interest in a college degree. They were antsy to live life and they took what ever college course work was necessary to supplement the lack of skills attained in High School. They aren't rocket scientists, but they have good jobs and excel in their chosen fields. That's enough to make me proud.

Their dad and I took parenting seriously and knew that a fear of God was at the top of the list. We also helped them find their God given gifts and talents and helped them develop life skills, gave them a moral compass and demanded integrity. My youngest son however is the only college graduate and he's also the only one that requires great debate to win over on social and political issues. Funny how that proves her point. He's had the most trouble reconciling with God, but has enough respect for us as parents and a healthy fear of God, that he's mostly just confused.

These videos depress me in that we may be too late. Perhaps we've had our chance and this is just the last dance.

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Anthony said...

I didn't know about the word "dialectic" but I was aware of the notion, "it had to happen" Iserbyt explained.

We are having these events right now. These tax increases in California "had to happen" because we have a $46 billion budget hole. Bull!